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On September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike hit the gulf coast of Louisiana.  Ike caused devastation from the Louisiana coastline all the way to Corpus Christi, Texas.  Cameron Parish was the hardest hit area in Louisiana.   Ike destroyed much of the progress Cameron Parish had made from rebuilding after Hurricane Rita.  Nearly every square inch of the parish was flooded heavily once again, with floodwaters reaching as far north as Lake Charles.  Hurricane Ike caused $26.5 billion of damage to the United States.  Today, the parish is nowhere near its population and is still recovering from Hurricanes Rita and Ike.  However, Cameron Parish recovery process may be slow, we are rebuilding stronger, better and elevating.

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Johnson Bayou High School 

Church in Johnson Bayou, LA 

Home Flooded in Hackberry, LA 

Water Mark on Hackberry High School 

Hackberry High School 

Hackberry High School 

South Cameron High School Gymnasium 

Cameron Parish Courthouse 
Johnson Bayou
Johnson Bayou


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