Children and Youth Planning

The Office of Community Services Planning is a catalyst for community change, providing health and human services information for the public, engaging people in collaborative planning, & building coalitions to effectively respond to emerging community needs.

Office of Community Services Planning Director

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1280

Cameron, LA  70631

  Phone: 337-775-5718

  Fax: 337-775-5567
Core Competencies:

1. Building Community Infrastructure:  developing, nurturing and sustaining organizations and communities by enhancing their abilities to achieve the common good through convening groups to address issues and technical assistance.

2. Mobilizing Resources:  identifying and filling gaps in community services by redirection of existing or development of new resources.

3. Community Organizing:  helping people and organizations most affected by public policies, services or community conditions develop and carryout activities that build community and neighborhood capacity and enhance health, economic conditions, and social well-being.

4. Information Services:  producing and disseminating timely, accurate information for health and human services planning and services referral.

5. Facilitation:  creating a safe, unaligned environment for the resolution of community problems and engaging multiple community sectors in addressing identified community issues.


Children & Youth Planning Board (CCYPB)
As mandated by Act 555 of 2004, the Cameron Parish Police Jury, the governing authority of Cameron Parish, established a Children and Youth Planning Board by resolution. This resolution establishes board membership based on representation of the following stakeholders: Education, Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Public Defense, Judiciary, Juvenile Justice, Health Care, Mental Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Social Services, Faith Based Community, Business Community, Parenting and Youth Organizations, Calcasieu Parish Police Jurors, Parent representatives, and Youth representatives. The purpose of the CCYPB is to assist in the assessment, alignment, coordination, prioritization, and measurement of all available services and programs that address the needs of children and youth.  This includes children and youth at risk for, or identified with, social, emotional, or developmental problems, including but not limited to educational failure, abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, juvenile or parental mental illness, juvenile or parental substance abuse, poverty, developmental disabilities and delinquency.  The board encourages collaborative efforts among local stakeholders for assessing the physical, social, behavioral, and educational needs of children and youth in Cameron Parish and for assisting in the development of comprehensive plans to address such needs.  The infrastructure for planning is intended to be data-driven in order to select appropriate evidence-based programs which will maximize available resources.

Katie Armentor, CPP – CSAPC member, SPF-SIG Project Director
Mike Fonger - FINS
Jeffery Haley –  Juvenile Probation & Parole Officer

Kayla Johnson – District 4 Resident, Recreation District 7 Secretary

Ron Johnson – Sheriff

Charmaine Landry, CAC – Region 5 OBH Certified Addictions Counselor

Leslie Nolan, LCSW – Region OBH Children’s Program Coordinator

Marilyn Pickles, LPP – Region OBD Social Services Counselor

Kristin Saltzman – District 3 Resident

Stephanie Rodrigue – School Superintendent
Bronwen Theriot - District  6 Resident
Rev. James Moore

Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (CSAPC)
The Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (CSAPC) is a sub-committee of the CCYPB and was created to develop a system that coordinates planning, funding, and evaluation for substance abuse prevention in Cameron Parish.  The CSAPC’s current funding sources include the Strategic Planning Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF-SIG).  The CSAPC wrote a data-driven strategic plan to reduce violent crimes and alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes and is currently in the implementation phase.  
Board Members: 

Michael Fonger, - FINS Officer

Charmaine Landry, CAC - Certified Addictions Counselors, OBH

Marilyn Pickles, LPP — Licensed Prevention Professional, OBH

Stephanie Rodrigue—Superintendent
Leslie Nolan, LCSW –Region OBH Children’s Program Coordinator
Jeffery Haley, OYD
Ron Johnson - Cameron Parish Sheriff Office
Rev. James Moore
Bronwen Theriot - District 6






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